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What are the types of food packaging materials?

There is a whole range of food packaging materials available at Pacsafe. Most commonly used in the food industry are cardboard boxes & pallet wrap.
Variety of food in polythene bags

It is essential the cardboard box is suitable for food use and can be easily packed and palletised.

Pallet Wrap is also an essential part of food packaging materials. Pallet wrap is used to secure the cardboard boxes containing the food onto pallets, our high-performance pallet wrap works in all sorts of environments; including cold stores.

Polythene liners are also needed when placing food directly into the cardboard box, our polythene liners are a food grade material allowing for food to come in direct contact with this, ensuring your food will arrive with you customer safe and sound.

Finally, the obvious one. Packaging Tapes are a packaging component that is almost required within any type of industry using packaging. Packaging Tapes come in a variety of adhesives, lengths, widths and colours.

Coloured tapes are a great way of differentiating products. Our 150m length tape is perfect when working in a production environment with over 120% extra tape than a standard 48 x 66 this is the most cost-effective solution. Allowing the user to reduce the amount of times they have to change the roll.

To conclude, the most common types of packaging used in the food industry are, cardboard boxes, polythene food liners, pallet wrap and packaging tapes.

All of which are available at Pacsafe.


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